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Dutch Takover l HOUSE

In my eyes if your name is Fadil El Ghoul aka DJ R3hab your life is set. This guy gets to travel around, watch and make music with the greatest Dutch DJ around, Afrojack. And besides that hes so much more of his life ahead of him. Starting as a random producer from the Neatherlands to a now well know Artist. R3hab is the deffinate breakout artist of the year. Besides R3hab you’ll find a Reepr remix which is also some great Dutch. Besides the Dutch House I threw in some true house Rising (arena Mix) by Dirty Vision which is a true house anthem, a Bloody Beetroots remix, and another Save The Robot tune. All of them are truely amazing.

Kick Us Out (DJ Frankie & R3hab remix) – Hyper Crush

Fight Club Is Closed (R3hab Remix) -Dada Life

Don’t Go (Reepr Remix) – Nate Metro

Rising (Arena Mix) – Dirty Vision

Can’t Stop Me Now (Bloody Beetroots Remix) – Goose

Red City (Orginial mix) – Save The Robot

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The last 4 days recap I HOUSE

The last four days we’ve been running out of our twitter account and me personally have been waiting to finally release some music on the new site! Yes, yes I know this isn’t our own custom site just yet but once in the next few days it will. I just wanted to get some of my work out there.

Regarding house in the last few days holy crap was there alot of it.

 Day 1: Not only did my personal favorite artist Afrojack come out with two new songs, (selecta, pop on acid) his and R3hab’s collab Prutata/Aces High was RIPed all over the internet and I obviously had to get my hands on it. Besides Afrojack going hard, size records releases Jack It up by David Tort, which in my eyes is a club banger.

Day 2: Afrojack is at it again! If you (hopefully) stick around the site long enough you will find alot of his music. Another RIP of his remix to Tinie Tempah’s song Pass out, once released is going to be a huge banger. I also posted my favorite remix to David Guetta’s Where them Girls At by Nicky Romero. And a personal favorite party song Angry Circus (Save the Robot Remix) by Manufactured Superstars.

Day 3: This day had to be a big day for me. I released a Turbulence edit I was working on that whole day, then I decided to release a Just Can’t Get Enough Remix, and finally a After Italiano mashup of We no speak no Americano and Aftershock. Then to not make the whole day about me I threw out there a Swede Dreams (Barletta Mix) by Avicii a remix to a remix, but huge banger material.

Today: Signed artist Atrash as Affiliated Artist and released his new Mashup Much’em by Surprise. A true mashup. Now tomorrow expect big things from House.

P.S. All names of the songs will have a link to our hulkshare account. From there you can preview the song in the top right in a box that looks like a video. Happy downloading