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It’s Done

As you all have noticed it has been done now for a while, if you are curious where to find me (hiphop poster) find me one twitter @Z4ND3Rx I have currently started posting links to my favorite hiphop sites/songs that I will find everyday or so. To follow me and be kept up to date just click here and follow me. Sorry it ended after such a short run but it has been great. If you have any suggestions for twitter posts or anything be sure to message me directly on twitter.


You can find me Elsewhere

So its done, you can find me at

Guess thats a wrap?

Well visitors have gone down, and the hiphop guy just stopped posting even tho I kept telling him. So this website is closed.

UNLESS any follower can give me a good reason to continue to post, comment on this, message me via facebook, or mention housenhiphop in a tweet with your reason.

To be honest if one person gives me any reason I’ll be surprised because no one visits this crap anymore.

Let me tell you why I’m done. I couldn’t go to any other site without finding music I all ready posted. Yet we have a good 2000 people less then them a day visiting. WTF is the point.

Quality Not Quantity I Hip-Hop

Hi Everyone, let’s start off with why I haven’t been posting daily. I have this concept that if I do not have about 10 songs then there is no reason to post. I decided to change my method and make it Quality and not necessarily Quantity. Expect more posts, if there is only 2 songs or 20 songs I will provide you with the best Hip-Hop possible. Again I am sorry for the lack of songs lately, I needed to get into my summer groove but I think I am well into it now. Spread the word of good music, spread HouseNHipHop. – Bait Faet. TCB – Wale – I’ll Be Right Here – Chris Brown – I’m Da Man Feat. Chris Brown – Bow Wow – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over Feat. Mary J Blige & Fabolous – DJ Khaled – U Could Get It – Jae Millz – Work (Full) Feat. Rick Ross – Meek Mill

Little Bad Girl House

You’ve defiantly heard the instrumental version of this but now check out the almost full version! This version is great I can’t wait to the Le Grande and Afrojack remix to come out. Check it out amazing lyrics thrown down for the track!

Little Bad Girl – David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris

Mixtape Tuesday I Hip-Hop

Whatsgood Everyone! I’m here again to present to you a well anticipated Mixtape by my current favorite artist – Kid Ink. This kid has blown up this year and I cannot believe in the momentum he has gained. Kid Ink has swag, flow, hustle, and so many other positive traits I cannot even list them all. I provided separate download links for my favorite songs straight off the Tape as well as the entire Mixtape itself. You guys have been supporting us pretty well so I felt you deserved this Mixtape. Please try to spread us though, the more hype we get the more we can provide you guys. Check out the twitter or facebook and just either follow or like us, or mention or share us. Spread the word of good music, spread HouseNHipHop. Peace.

Mixtape – Kid Ink Daydreamer Mixtape

Mixtape Tracks – Time After Time Feat. K Young – Kid Ink – Sick Em Feat. Cory Gunz & Gudda Gudda (Prod by Cardiak) – Kid Ink – Lowkey Poppin (Prod by The Runners) – Kid Ink – Live It Up Feat. Mann – Kid Ink – I Need More Feat. Tory Lanez (Prod by The University) – Kid Ink – I Just Want It All – Kid Ink – Home Feat. Bei Maejor (Prod by Sermstyle) – Kid Ink – Fastlane – Kid Ink – Elevator Music – Kid Ink – Daydreamer – Kid Ink

New Tracks – Trust Issues – Drake – Naked – Lloyd – 3 Wishes – Curren$y – 30,000 Feat Up In The Sky – XV – Birthday Girl Feat. Bei Maejor – Travis Porter – Cheer Up – J Cole


Really Quick!

Guys, we have just found a way to put a preview player directly in the post! So the listening experience will only become easier! Just wanted to update you guys and I will post the songs from today with the previewers just so you can see.

– House –

Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix) – Armin Van Buuren feat Nadia Ali

Smolengrad (Original Mix) – Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa

 Party Animal (Mike Candys Remix) – DJ Meg feat. Timati

– Hip-Hop – – I’m On One (Freestyle) – Wale – Bout That Life – Bei Maejor – All Star (Remix) Feat. YG & Bobby Brackins – Ty$ – Bottles and Rockin J’s Feat. Busta, Ross, Fabolous, Wayne – Game – Shake Senora (Remix) Feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Ludacris – Pitbull – I’m On (Full) Feat. Mars – Game – Let It Go Feat. Roscoe Dash – Day 26 – Lacefrontin – Wale – 10 Times Feat. Meek Mill – T-Lanez

Tutorial Time! – Getting Tons of Questions!

(This is the download button!)

Ok Guys, it’s time to finally explain to you guys how this site works. Everyday I get messages asking “Is this legal?”, “How do I download?”, “What is this site for?”, “Why do you guys do this?”, “How do I hear the song before download?” and I am here to answer all the questions and concerns you guys have. To start off, this IS LEGAL, we are a promotional site that collects freely distributed music and redistributes with no intentions of monetary gain etc. If an artist files for copyright or wants us to take down a song, we are inclined to do so and have no problem performing that action. To download there is a pretty straight forward method with sampling the song, first you must click the song’s link that you are interested in (either a link or link, they both lead to from that page there will be  a player that loads in which you can hit play to sample the song, if you enjoy that song click the big download button in the top right for a free download (the songs are ALWAYS high quality, virus free, and legal). I recommend you sample every song instead of skipping to the artists you have heard of, you will find new artists and songs you may have never expected to hear before and you will be hooked, TRUST ME. Now for WHY we have this site, we have this site for one reason only, we LOVE music and having the newest and freshest music makes us happy. We decided to share our passion for new music by creating this site and sharing our music as often as possible with you guys. Now the final topic of this post would have to be feedback! I know I bust your balls about feedback but we seriously need it, and you can easily provide it now which is AMAZING. By just clicking the post title you will be redirected to a page in which that you can scroll down and post via your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Sorry for the lengthy post but I KNOW it was necessary, please remember to either rate or comment on this post just so we know that you guys are getting it!

Mid-Night Madness I Hip-Hop

To start it off, sorry for the late night post, internet was buggy for where I was so I got it up ASAP. The picture above is the mixtape of one of the tracks, AllStar by Ty$ and the crew, if enough of you want me to start puttin’ full mixtapes I will begin to, if you want me to just post or mention on our facebook or twitter. Lately you guys have been great, we have earned our highest number of viewers for two consecutive days in a row. These days have been great, and knowing we have a growing fanbase we are becoming more and more dedicated to bringing you the freshest music out there! Remember to follow us on twitter and like our page on facebook because it will spread us even more. I hope you guys have been enjoying all the music we have been providing and please try to leave a comment or rate the post to tell us how we are doing!! Remember to spread the word of good music, spread HouseNHipHop.

(P.S. – I have been asked several times whether the music is illegal or anything and also what to do with the site. The music is 100% LEGAL, and to download just click the link next to the song you want, the link will bring you to a page where you can preview the song as well as download it, it is the big download button in the top right) – I’m On One (Freestyle) – Wale – Bout That Life – Bei Maejor – All Star (Remix) Feat. YG & Bobby Brackins – Ty$ – Bottles and Rockin J’s Feat. Busta, Ross, Fabolous, Wayne – Game – Shake Senora (Remix) Feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Ludacris – Pitbull – I’m On (Full) Feat. Mars – Game – Let It Go Feat. Roscoe Dash – Day 26 – Lacefrontin – Wale – 10 Times Feat. Meek Mill – T-Lanez

Summer Start-Off!! Music of the Last Few Days June 15th I Hip-Hop

Whatsup Everyone! It’s almost summer for us students and that’s great, but something even better than that is the amount of music that has come out recently! Over the last 3 days TONS of songs have emerged and are freakin’ poppin’. Artists like Big Sean, Cyhi Da Prynce and others have been releasing songs like crazy, especially for preparation to release their Mixtapes. These songs are really going to make this summer great, with songs from all the best, from up and coming artists to the ones we’ve loved for the last few years. Remember to leave us feedback on our posts, and if you have artist, song, post, or other inquiries please contact us by commenting, tweeting, or checking out and liking our Facebook Page. Spread the word of good music, spread HouseNHipHop. – Realest U Ever Seen Feat. NH – Meek Mill – Sex Faces Feat. Lil Wayne, Trey Songz – Ludacris – Star Of The Show Feat. Sean Kingston – Kid Ink – Stadium Feat. B.o.B – Cyhi Da Prynce – Wait For Me Feat. Lupa Fiasco – Big Sean – Pacman Feat. Waka Flocka – Gucci Mane – New Girl Feat. Trey Songz – Cyhi Da Prynce – Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay Feat. Roscoe Dash, Kanye West – Big Sean – Mama’s Boyfriend – Kanye West – Lay It On Me Feat. Big Sean – Kelly Rowland – High Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang – Big Sean – Goosebumps (Remix) [Dirty] Feat. Wale, Emanny – Kingpen Slim – Drop It Feat. Ray J – Yung Berg – Dear Anne (Stan Pt 2) – Lil Wayne – Bulletproof Feat. Yelawolf – Cyhi Da Prynce – 100 Keys Feat. Rick Ross, Pusha T – Big Sean