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   I was born in 1995 which makes me 16 years old in Lancaster, a small city in the north-west of England. The first time I was inspired to start producing was in 2007, when I first heard Timbaland’s record ‘Way I Are’ which remains to be my favourite  track ever today! I acquired FL Studio at 13 but only really started producing last year, learning through YouTube tutorials and  messing around with sounds. House music has just got bigger and bigger over the past year or so, with people like Swedish  House Mafia and  bringing it to a global audience and it was impossible for me not to try and be involved in that! I reckon it’s  down to these guys here at and other like them who have helped shape the massive scale of house music. I always try and make my tracks combine elements of artists who have influenced me and I always try and make big sounds… I’d  love to work with some vocalists. I’m unsigned currently, but hopefully this will change soon and I hope to continue improving  with some ambitious projects in the pipeline! I also like collaborating and I do so regularly with a mate of mine called Amphix  under the name High Culture!

Artist Atrash provides us with his latest house songs, and mashups


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