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Above & Beyond Podcast

Like dance music? Of corse you do, how can’t you. It’s sexi. Above and beyond is a UK based trio who write some great music! They have started to grow in the last 12 months and received major support from some legends like Pete Tong. They will be featured in Ezoo so if your going lets learn about on of the artists. This album is toping itunes and beatport trance charts. I lied its not toping the itunes dance charts, is #1 on the charts currently. And in that honor I’m giving feedback on all the songs.

01. Filmic – Amazing way to start an album. It’s not a banger but a song to start the night off with a big bang.
02. Alchemy feat. Zoë Johnston – Banger Status. This song starts like any great house song. Johnston drops some great vocals for this song. Then the drop is amazing. I really wanna rave after listening to this.
03. Sun & Moon feat. Richard Bedford – To be honest listening to the start of this song I didn’t thing I could call this a banger. It starts off slow and doesn’t drop. But then I finally hear the anticipated drop and could say this anthem is a banger.
04. You Got To Go feat. Zoë Johnston – Relaxing Electro. I’ve been listening to this song for the past week on the way home from parties.
05. Black Room Boy (vocals by Tony McGuinness and Richard Bedford) – This song doesn’t pick up toward 4:45 in. But then I hear the music. This song is for trance lovers.
06. Giving It Out feat. Zoë Johnston – Trance Anthem… This song is going start future posts of trance.
07. On My Way To Heaven feat. Richard Bedford – I could call this song an anthem of chillin electro. This song defines that type of music as a whole. Bedford drops some great vocals and the beats laid down by Above & Beyond are amazing.
08. Prelude – This is song is amazing. It starts off heavy drum and bass, then they add some vocals, piano, and you got one hell of a song.
09. Sun In Your Eyes – Comments on youtube:Best song on the album…. Say no more?
10. Love Is Not Enough feat. Zoë Johnston – This song doesn’t start in my eyes till 4:44 and then it picks up so hard. Amazing trance song
11. Every Little Beat feat. Richard Bedford – Can’t be a fan of every song on the album. This is that one, BUT if your a trance lover check out this song you’ll defiantly be in love.
12. Sweetest Heart feat. Zoë Johnston – I could call this song a trancy avicii.It starts with some piano and builds up to fsu.
13. Thing Called Love feat. Richard Bedford –  This song is great! Starts off with some sick vocals, and then builds up heavy progressive drop. My personal favorite on the album.
14. Only A Few Things feat. Zoë Johnston – More relaxing electro. Just a little bit to relaxing.
15. Eternal – They ended it like they started it. Great album.
They are doing a podcast on itunes, now since everyone loves free music check it out on itunes!
And since your their get their album on itunes!

Group Therapy’ Standard version on iTunes:

‘Group Therapy’ LP Deluxe version on iTunes:

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