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Tutorial Time! – Getting Tons of Questions!

(This is the download button!)

Ok Guys, it’s time to finally explain to you guys how this site works. Everyday I get messages asking “Is this legal?”, “How do I download?”, “What is this site for?”, “Why do you guys do this?”, “How do I hear the song before download?” and I am here to answer all the questions and concerns you guys have. To start off, this IS LEGAL, we are a promotional site that collects freely distributed music and redistributes with no intentions of monetary gain etc. If an artist files for copyright or wants us to take down a song, we are inclined to do so and have no problem performing that action. To download there is a pretty straight forward method with sampling the song, first you must click the song’s link that you are interested in (either a link or link, they both lead to from that page there will be  a player that loads in which you can hit play to sample the song, if you enjoy that song click the big download button in the top right for a free download (the songs are ALWAYS high quality, virus free, and legal). I recommend you sample every song instead of skipping to the artists you have heard of, you will find new artists and songs you may have never expected to hear before and you will be hooked, TRUST ME. Now for WHY we have this site, we have this site for one reason only, we LOVE music and having the newest and freshest music makes us happy. We decided to share our passion for new music by creating this site and sharing our music as often as possible with you guys. Now the final topic of this post would have to be feedback! I know I bust your balls about feedback but we seriously need it, and you can easily provide it now which is AMAZING. By just clicking the post title you will be redirected to a page in which that you can scroll down and post via your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Sorry for the lengthy post but I KNOW it was necessary, please remember to either rate or comment on this post just so we know that you guys are getting it!


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