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Finally HOUSE

This guy Alesso is strait fire. His pressure remix is amazing and I recently stocked up my itunes with a bunch of his songs. I am so happy the music industry is back in full swing! June 6th, do I have some music for you…. Today Zedd dropped his new song Dovregubben, which is good, I guess. It’s like combining Mozart with techno. The even better new about this release is that it’s coming from Dimack Records, owned by Steve Aoki, in other terms Aoki’s new songs will be coming out soon. I’m also adding a Gregori Klosman remix, which if you haven’t heard him yet, he is pure fire. I also promise this is my last post with Save The World in it.

Save The World (Alesso Remix) – Swedish House Mafia

I Just Want You (Gregori Klosman Remix) – Spada, Tasita D’mour, Bellani

Dovregubben (Original Mix)  – Zedd

Thank you to all our hiphop followers, I don’t know what is going on with the hiphop guy at the moment.

But also exspect big things in the next month including a player in the next two weeks.


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