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Summer Time HOUSE

Prizma Records releases it’s second song Vibe Of Summer with 2 remixes. I’m posting the better one, but all there should be checked out of beatport! This song, to me is the start of summer. It’s a summer anthem, and is going to be played all summer! Daft Punk influenced so many people, they should be called visionaries. This rework by Dani Masi takes Punk’s song takes their smash Harder Better Faster Stronger to a whole new house level. Koen Groeneveld is true dutch , I never realized how many of his songs of his I had until today. Not a huge fan but he his music is dirty house. What to say about Kim Fai? Just prop’s for being a great asian music producer, in a dominantly white industry. Oh and for writing great fucking music. Now for the good stuff. Today we just signed artist Bamboom as an Affiliated Artist, and have got some great news, my interview with DJ R3hab will be out on the site within the next week. I would like to wish everybody that’s getting their SAT scores back, good luck and goodnight.

Vibe Of Summer (Pixel Cheese Remix) –Pixel Cheese & Kamil Pankowski feat. Yolanda Selini

 Harder Better Faster Stronger (Dani Masi rework) – >

Window Pain (Koen Groeneveld Remix) – Christian Cambas vs PHNTM

Zen (Dave Robinson ‘Diamond Life’ Edit) – Kim Fai

Eyes (Mastered Mix) – Bamboom


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