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Ready 2 Go? HOUSE!

This guy makes great songs, that have music videos with tennis players… Why? First banging out ear’s with Hello, Martin Solveig gets vocalist Kele to lay down some great vocals for his new track Ready To Go, which to mean needed tweaking. That’s where Hardwell comes in and provides us with a remix that is music to our ear’s. He’s like the Sidney Sampson of Hello just not as much dutch. Also being posted up is called Eye’s which is a huge progressive house banger, not even out on beatport! The artist of this song keep sending us his mix’s which I repeatedly forgot to post… Listening to this make’s me wonder why he doesn’t just create his own music instead of try and remix other people’s music. And last a song I’ve been waiting to post, Your Love 2011. This is an old rock song, turned into an amazing house track. Great undercover songs up today!

Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Club Mix) – Martin Solveig ft. Kele

Eyes – Bamboom

Your Love 2011 – DJ Robson Michel


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