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Previews and Judas again! HOUSE

Just by this picture you know David Guetta is the fucking man. #2 DJ in the world, and makes the greatest pop/house songs that you will ever hear. Last year he had Who’s That Chick, Gettin Over You, and Memories. This year he has Sweat with Snoop Dog, Where Them Girls At with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, and Like A Machine with Amanda which is yet to be released. This RIP is like a month old but I’m posting it because it truly is a great song. I’m also including another Judas remix, this time by Thomas Gold it is only a 5 minuet preview but it not only shows the how great this release is going to be, but could almost be mistaken for the full song FULL SONG amazing progressive house banger! I would also recommend checking out the R3hab remix if you’re into a little more dutch. And last a Afrojack remix to The Wombats, Techno Fan. A little trancy but a great song to just listen to, the full song will be out in the next couple of day’s. Sorry for the latest of this post had a wrestling tournament all day.

Like A Machine – Amanda (Prod. by David Guetta)

Judas (Thomas Gold Remix) – Lady Gaga

Techno Fan (Afrojack Remix) – The Wombats


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