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Dutch Takover l HOUSE

In my eyes if your name is Fadil El Ghoul aka DJ R3hab your life is set. This guy gets to travel around, watch and make music with the greatest Dutch DJ around, Afrojack. And besides that hes so much more of his life ahead of him. Starting as a random producer from the Neatherlands to a now well know Artist. R3hab is the deffinate breakout artist of the year. Besides R3hab you’ll find a Reepr remix which is also some great Dutch. Besides the Dutch House I threw in some true house Rising (arena Mix) by Dirty Vision which is a true house anthem, a Bloody Beetroots remix, and another Save The Robot tune. All of them are truely amazing.

Kick Us Out (DJ Frankie & R3hab remix) – Hyper Crush

Fight Club Is Closed (R3hab Remix) -Dada Life

Don’t Go (Reepr Remix) – Nate Metro

Rising (Arena Mix) – Dirty Vision

Can’t Stop Me Now (Bloody Beetroots Remix) – Goose

Red City (Orginial mix) – Save The Robot

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