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It’s Done

As you all have noticed it has been done now for a while, if you are curious where to find me (hiphop poster) find me one twitter @Z4ND3Rx I have currently started posting links to my favorite hiphop sites/songs that I will find everyday or so. To follow me and be kept up to date just click here and follow me. Sorry it ended after such a short run but it has been great. If you have any suggestions for twitter posts or anything be sure to message me directly on twitter.


You can find me Elsewhere

So its done, you can find me at

My new song

Guess thats a wrap?

Well visitors have gone down, and the hiphop guy just stopped posting even tho I kept telling him. So this website is closed.

UNLESS any follower can give me a good reason to continue to post, comment on this, message me via facebook, or mention housenhiphop in a tweet with your reason.

To be honest if one person gives me any reason I’ll be surprised because no one visits this crap anymore.

Let me tell you why I’m done. I couldn’t go to any other site without finding music I all ready posted. Yet we have a good 2000 people less then them a day visiting. WTF is the point.

We Are Your Friends MIX

A friend of mine that I met at my very first rave, AXWELL, has asked me to feature his set on the site. After checking out I loved the deep house beginning and then really picking it up with some progressive house and just showing you how to mix.

Flawless transitions with great music makes a great DJ, and thats what I heard listening to this set.

Make sure to check him out via Twitter!

Taking a Break

Sorry for the lack of music, there hasn’t been any good house that I’ve seen, and those electric zoo things took up so much time. I got some music for you today including some Hardwell Mashups released on his bootleg pack, a semi-preview to Bingo Players Koko remix, and a semi-preview to R3habs koko remix. The hardwell mashups are pretty good but, I like doing my own mashups. The Koko remixs are amazing, I can’t wait to get the full version on R3hab remix, and the full version of Bingo Players is there just without the long bass beginning and bass ending. The Arty song is old but still dirty and I just found it so I’m posting it. And I wouldn’t advice the Alvero remix unless you like hard Dutch Music. Gregori Klosman shows why he is a huge player in dirty dutch music.  And to end the post an ID remix of Never Die Alone, it was thought to be an Alesso and Aebastian Ingrosso Remix, but via twitter it was claimed false. Now to talk about some music, July 4th expect a major techno monday

Koko (R3hab Remix) (Preview) – Sander Van Doorn

Koko (Bingo Players Remix) – Sander Van Doorn

The Flavor (Gregori Klosman) – Dabruck & Klein feat. Julian Smith

Around The World – Arty

Never Die Alone (ID remix) – Avicii

Loca People (Alvero Remix)

Prutataa At Night (Hardwell MashUp) – Afrojack & R3hab vs Shakedown

Cinema vs Reaver (Hardwell MashUp) – Benny Benassi vs Marco V

Hello Replica (Hardwell Mash-Up) – Martin Solveig & Dragonette vs Afrojack

Ezoo Series: Day 3

Armin Van Buuren. The king himself, only 1 person can hold that number 1 spot and that is him. And for four consecutive years. This guy put his audience in a trance and puts other DJs to shame. At the end of this video you see what I’m talking about. I don’t even need to comment any more. Taking the main stage is my favorite artist Afrojack. His new music is amazing and absoliutely killer, you need to watch this video from last year at Ezoo to know how much NY loves Afrojack. Can’t wait to enjoy No Beef, Prutataaa, Get It In(ID)Pandemonium, and Let Me See You Dance. Chromeo takes the stage along side jack most known for his light trance tunes like Fancy Footwork. DJ Snoopadelic aka Snoop Dog if I’m correct will be on stage too, I got my info for this here. But come on Ezoo people I’m coming to listen to electronic music not rappers. Thank god Calvin Harris is going to be there, with singles like Bounce, Bounce (R3hab Remix), which I guarantee he plays live after EDC. John Dahlback turns up the tech in tech house with songs like work it out and Are You Nervous. To end the Main Stage there Tokimonsta who I am not a personal fan of because of Coachella. As we take a look into the future of Ezoo 2011 we talk a walk over to the Hilltop arena to hear Boys Noize on stage playing Yeah while the crowd goes insane. And then a techno beat drops into 1010. As Boys Noize exits the stage a word in playing in the entire arena, as diplo gets on stage all you hear is COMEON. Big Gigantic is knwon for electronic type tracks which are ok to listen to, at home. Carte Blanche is best know for the track Do Do Do (Laidback Luke Remix). Excision & Datsik are dubstep monsters watch this vid at Ultra. Fake Blood is …. I really don’t know. Name this genre. Jack beats is like ill techno right? Finally on the Hilltop Arena is Minmosa. Who is dupstep and he looks insane, look at him raving in this video. You think those last artists the lineup be done, but we still got 2 more arenas to go. I’m fully skipping the Sunday School Grove arena thought because I don’t like any of the artists. But this redbull Riveside Tent, on day 3, is amazing. I’m going to start with Infected Mushroom make their music strait on stage, look at this video. I really could find that much of them because their is a death metal band with the same name. Obviously. Gabriel & Dresden will be preforming their progressive techno like their Promises Remix. Now 2 amazing not well known artists will be on this stage, in a row. Starting with Arty have you heard his remix to Daddyrock. Guys a killer. Next is Hardwell The World and viewing his video at sensation guys going to make people go crazy. Jaytech plays some deep trance like this. Kyau & Albert are trance animals look at Van Burren playing their song live. Michael Woods is going to kill this stage with Dynamic, and his progressive house killer remix of Hello which doesn’t start till later in the song. To be honest, Made event could have done a better job with the artists they are just to addicted to trance. We need a EDC Las Vegas of NY.

Ezoo Series 2011: Day 2

I’ve been working on this post for a few days and am so glad the first one is done. Were taking a look at all the artists that will be featured at Electric Zoo on Randles Island on September 2nd – September 4th. The 1 day tickets are out now, and these posts will help you decide which day to go. Me personally am going day 2 & day 3. But lets take a look at Day 2 right now.

Were going to start by taking a look at the man at the top, David Guetta. Ranked #2 on the DJ charts, in my eyes #1 in the world. Release of his song little bad girl has been climbing the beatport charts. We also have bassline, Where Them Girls At, Like a Machine, Sweat and pandemonium with Afrojack (This is all this year). Don’t forget his old music which is killer like Club Can’t Handle me, Who’s That Chick, and Getting over you. He is absolutly going to kill the crowd and is going to end Day 2 with a bang. Above & Beyond has all ready been reviewed on the site here. Bloody Beetroots are next, if you havn’t heard any versions of Warp, youtube that right now. Also check out their Can’t Hear Me Now Remix. John Digweed is a trance artist and the first I had to do a little research on. Check out some of his music like Heaven Scent which is a crazy music video. And the live video a preview of what the zoo is going to be like. Sander Van Doorn, a legend, ranked #12 in the world. He plays songs like Reach Out (Thomas Gold Remix), Pressure (Alesso Remix), Blizzard, Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold  Remix)Kendo, Koko, Prutataaa and more. If you watch some videos like this you’ll see  him get the crowd going at the start of his set. Daedelus is next, being the first semi  dubstep artist, he preforms his own style of music. Just watch this thats true skill. Next  is Sub Focus is actual dubstep artist with his biggest song being Rock it and his Smack  My Bitch Up Remix is dubstep dope. Now were moving off the main stage and going to  the Hilltop Arena and were going to start with the #9 DJ in world Ferry Corsten. Corsten  is most know for his upbeat trancy tunes that get the crowd going like Radio Crash. Watch a sick live video here. ATB is up next ranked #11 on the DJ charts, who isknown for his trance and electro house tunes. His two most famous tracks are 9pm and Could You Believe. Andy Moor will also be preforming pulling in a impressive #32 on the charts. He produces what is known as progressive trance and most known for his remix to Disappear Here and Spirits Pulse. This video shows how he is live and what he does to the crowd. I don’t want to do a big thing on Dirty South because his best known song is not good. That remix to coming home is not good, you should instead check out his Sweet Disposition Remix with Axwell, Phazing a great tune to end the night, and his Areena Remix. Joachim Garraud has a nice #43 on the charts. This guy plays Tech House and I love it. I hear no new tech house like this guy like We Are The Future and his colab to make a Love Is Gone Remix. After this review I know who else I’m going to see. Mat Zo, some of these names like … Best know for Superman, coudln’t find anything on this guy. Sean Tyans & Simon Patterson live that is all. Sidney Samson, creates those dutch anthems like Filter, his Last Friday Night Remix, and Wake Up Call. On the road again to the Sunday School Grove Stage. The headliners are Luciano known for Can’t Take It Remix and Danny Tenaglia most known for Music Is The Answer. They are followed by Carl Craig most known for his Void 23 re-edit, James Holden praised for his Safari Remix, Reboot most know for his Remix to The Soloist, and Steve Bug know for A Shot in the Dark. That stage is a little to tech house for me, just not my style. Now time for what I was looking foward to, the Red Bull Riverside tent. This is dubstep nation. Starting off with the current king of dubstep Skrillex.With his new EP out you should check out his songs like his Cinema Remix, or Scary Monsters and Nice Spirtes, and    Kill Everybody. Super Mash Bros mash shit up amazing check out this called Living The Dream. 12th Planet will also be there playing some dirty dubstep like Texx Planet. Beardyman who is crazy like what is this? He uses vocals with dubstep and beatboxs it too. What The F. Kid Sister I could find anything on unless it’s a rap artists. Porter Robinson is amazing I heard his music when I first started DJing like his Less Go Remix and The Wildcat. SBTRKT jams out to light dubstep like Wildfire. And to end my review Tommy Lee & DJ Aero. That is all.

Hope to see you there Ezoo 2011!

Quality Not Quantity I Hip-Hop

Hi Everyone, let’s start off with why I haven’t been posting daily. I have this concept that if I do not have about 10 songs then there is no reason to post. I decided to change my method and make it Quality and not necessarily Quantity. Expect more posts, if there is only 2 songs or 20 songs I will provide you with the best Hip-Hop possible. Again I am sorry for the lack of songs lately, I needed to get into my summer groove but I think I am well into it now. Spread the word of good music, spread HouseNHipHop. – Bait Faet. TCB – Wale – I’ll Be Right Here – Chris Brown – I’m Da Man Feat. Chris Brown – Bow Wow – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over Feat. Mary J Blige & Fabolous – DJ Khaled – U Could Get It – Jae Millz – Work (Full) Feat. Rick Ross – Meek Mill

Techno Monday: EDC afterparty

The last 3 days Electric Dasiy Carnival has been going on in Las Vegas, since I couldn’t attend I’ve been listening to all the live sets. Imagine a festival  with R3hab, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Manufactured Superstars, Wolfgang Gartner, Dirty South, Sander Van Doorn, Steve Angello, Major Lazer, Bloody beetroots, Dada Life, Alesso, Martin Solveig, Guetta, Sidney Samson, Benassi, Skrillex, Zedd, Bingo Players, Thomas Gold, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero, and the Swedish House Mafia. Not to mention the guys that played twice. But besides this stacked carnival, I’ve got a stacked techno monday, only way to describe it. Tung by Deniz Koyu is amazing. Two new banger Hardwell songs, Little Bad Girl Fedde Le Grand Remix is out, amazing. A new hardrock sofa remix complete banger, new Shermanology of Afrojacks wall recordings, a Marco V remix which is complete banger. Everything else is still amazing. And check out the exclusive RIPs. Ill see you at EDC next year

Tung (Oringial Mix) – Deniz Koyu

Little Bad Girl (Fedde Le Grand Remix) – David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris

Passion (Hardwell Edit) – Jake Shanahan & Sebastien Lintz

Boy (Hardwell Remix) – Adrian Lux feat. Rebecca & Fiona

Aphrodisiac (Hard Rock Sofa, Ivan Roudyk & LT Freak Club Mix) – Dj Ivan Roudyk feat. Shena

***Madagascar (Original Mix) – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yves V & Angger Dimas***

Right There (Marco V Remix) – Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 cent

Grindin (Original Mix) – Afrojack Pres. Shermanology

U&I (Laidback Luke Remix) – GTA feat. Zashanell

RIPS (Taken off live sets at EDC)

No Beef (Vocal Mix) (Rip) – Steve Aoki & Afrojack

The World (Rip) – Hardwell

Untiled (Rip) – Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa

Let Me See You Dance (Rip) – Afrojack & Quitino

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